26 May 2008

Well Done Mum!!!!!

What a great start to the day, Mum not only managed to put her limb on without as much help from me this morning, but we managed a walk on the zimmer frame, with me at her side and her partner behind with the wheelchair. Mum did great as I had not seen her walk that far although she was really tired when she finished as it was quite a distance she had managed. I think she forgot that whatever distance you walk you have to be able to able to turn and come back, but Mum was ok because her chair was behind her. I was so pleased to see her walking, because people don't realise how hard it is to walk with the limb, a lot of people who I have talked too over the past couple of months have said is Mum walking now she has her limb, I reply not walking on her own no, and they cant understand why this is, because she has the limb, so I think they just expect her to be up and walking with it by now, and yes she is walking a little, but not how people think she should be, and it frustrates me somewhat.

On thinking about it I think, it's because they have not been in that situation before and therefore can't comprehend why it is so hard to do. Mum said this morning, that she would probably be thinking the same as a lot of people, why isn't she walking yet, and I said it's because you have become disabled later in life and you have to adjust to your new life and re learn everything, but you will get there because you have got the support

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