21 May 2008

Off Balance

It's been a manic few days recently, following my Bowen on Thursday I was feeling fine and then I came to a crashing end on Friday morning, got up for work as normal, and went to call my lift and bang down I went. I somehow managed to get my frame wrapped around my duvet and down I went against the chest of drawers. Luckily the duvet saved a bit of my fall and after sometime I managed to get myself back up and make my way downstairs, wobbly to say the least, and Mum never heard it because she was in the bathroom, getting sorted for the hospital. I got into my powerchair and just sat a while as was in a bit of pain by this point.

I was upset for a few reasons,

1 I couldn't go into work as I felt too wobbly and didn't want to run the risk of falling at work, so stayed home and rested.

2 I was annoyed that I had fallen which in turn frustrated me.

I rang the hospital and spoke to my Physio and explained what had happened, and he was shocked that I had fallen, considering I was doing so well, but he went on to say that it might be that if my body has shifted it maybe that balance is out of line a bit and body is trying to counteract this change. It completely made sense, so I decided to stay put till Mum came home from the hospital before I tried to get up and walk.

I am nearly back to normal now and pain is reducing so I will see what happens at my next session tomorrow

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