24 May 2008

Across The Andes: Beyond Boundaries

In the Shadow of Volcanoes
Ten teenagers attempt the journey of a lifetime. Starting in the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador they try to cross the 300 kilometers separating them from the Pacific Ocean, climbing the mighty Andes Mountains in the process. All of them are physically disabled, but they are determined to overcome the hurdles they face, to prove something to themselves and the world, to go beyond boundaries. And all of them know the expedition will be a rite of passage experience, something that will change their lives forever.

The team has reached the Andean plateau, but many more challenges lie in wait. And for the youngest members of the team, Judith and Liam, this will be the most testing part of the expedition. The rest of the expedition team openly question their commitment and contribution to the expedition, and they both must confront the issue with their colleagues and with themselves. And with illness and injury weakening the team, Judith and Liam's response will determine the team's ultimate success or failure as they climb the slopes of Cotopaxi, one of the highest live volcanoes in the world.

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