29 March 2009

Stockton Disability Advisory Group

A new door / venture opened for me early last week to take part in the Disability Advisory Group for Stockton on Tees, when this opportunity came up I jumped at the chance because I could see a chance for me to be able to help people through my own experiences and gain an insight and further experience from other disabled people from within the group, I also let it be said that I didn't know that Stockton had a disability advisory group in the first instance. All in all this has been my ethos thoughout my life to push the boundaries and this is the main structure of our website also, so you can see why I signed up as it is exactly what I want too do to be able to speak out in public and raise the awareness.

What is the Advisory Group

The activities of the group will be co-ordinated by Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council’s Diversity Team, who will be available to offer support to the group and its members.

Network Meetings

The whole group meets up on a regular basis to make sure that everyone up to date with what is happening around disability issues and to provide information about things that are planned for the future.

Working with Council Officers

Members of the group will be asked to use their expertise as users of council services to work closely with officers to advise them about the difficulties they have and how we can improve access. This will involve members of the group having meeting with the officers who look after different services or visiting sites or buildings with them to help us build in the needs of disabled people.

I will keep you upto date with how I get on within the group

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