27 March 2009

MRI finally done

Well yesterday I went to James Cook Hospital for my MRI scan, and for those who don’t know me, let me tell you I hate those machines I get so jumpy because they are so noisy. Therefore to my instant relief when I was told I could have a General Anaesthetic I was happier to have one, and when I say happier I don’t mean I was over the moon believe me, because having an anaesthetic makes me sick for hours if not a couple of days, so you can imagine my apprehension facing me yesterday morning, but I thought well I have to have it done so might as well get on with it.
6.30am came and I got up and sorted waiting for my taxi to pick me up at 7.15 and off we went said bye to mum (it was like the middle of the night for us lol) anyway got to the hospital in good time and I made my way to the day unit ward only to find the door was locked and I couldn’t reach the intercom (why doesn’t that surprise me!!!! In a hospital of all places!!!)

Anyway I managed to find a member of staff who kindly took me to the main x-ray dept, I was booked in and taken through to the small ward to complete all of the paperwork and wait for the anaesthetist, who was very nice and explained everything to me, because I had a couple of questions with regard to the metal in my spine and the magnets in the MRI, my understanding was that when the scan hit the metal part it would bounce off the magnet and distort the image, if not corrupt it all together and to all intensive purposes I was right, but they said that they should be able to get enough of an image to see what’s going on before I have the artificial disc surgery.

I then waited for a couple of hours for my turn and then I was allowed to go down, I was put to sleep really quickly and for the first time in I don’t know how many years I wasn’t sick when I came round, I don’t know what he gave me but whatever it was I will be asking for it when I have my main surgery. As far as I know the scan went well and I was allowed home on the afternoon where I slept it off and tried to eat a little bit, I didn’t think green jelly could taste so nice lol but there you go!!! I now just have to wait to get the results, hope it won’t be too long.

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