07 March 2009

New Kitchen on the horizon

During my recent holiday from work, Mum and I visited the Stockton Independent Living Centre with our Occupational Therapist, to have a look at there adapted kitchen and see what could be done to help us.

I have to say that Mum and I was impressed with the demonstration kitchen there. The room had 2 kitchens setup, one being a height adjustable one, and the other being a conventional height. When I looked I was supprised at the height difference, although it didn't make it look out of place. Mind you when we came home and just looked at our kitchen as it is it felt a bit over powering and felt as if it was coming in at you.

I cant wait for it to get started because it is going to make such a difference too us, we just have to wait on the Council now to process all of the forms and our application for a grant. Once this has been sorted out the work can start.

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