27 March 2009

My Parachute Jump for the BPA

My name is Helen Convery, I’m 35 years old and I have a disability called Athetoid Cerebral Palsy (dyskinetic), which causes unwanted movements in all my limbs.
This doesn’t stop me from doing the things I love such as painting and drawing. I only got back into doing my paintings and drawings again last September when my husband bought me this program called Serif Drawplus x2. I did a lot of drawing when I was a child, but I always had someone near by to clean up the mess, so when I found this program I could use without making any mess I was over the moon because I found the thing that I’d been looking for for years. This is something that I am really passionate about and enjoy doing. I have also found some sort of self belief and worth as for years I often wondered what was the point to my life apart from being with my wonderful husband Aidan.

I tried writing a book in the past, but for some reason I never managed to finish it as I thought no-one be interested in my life. But when I’m drawing I know I’m expressing myself to others without even having to say a single word and that where I get my enthusiasm from. To do my drawings I use the number pad on the keyboard as my mouse, paint brush, pencil, or whatever else I’m drawing with at the time.
As for the parachute jump its always something I’ve wanted to do; I think with being stuck in a wheelchair twenty-four hours seven day a week its just the idea of flying through the air from 13,00ft that gives me a sense of excitement and danger. I know people think I’m mad but if your going to do something crazy you may as well go the whole hog and do something totally outrageous and stupid! So, why have I chosen to do the jump to raise money for the Paralympics?

Firstly, when I was younger I use to take part in CP Sport, and if I had been given the encouragement and support from others maybe it could have been me heading towards the 2012 games as I won plenty of gold’s in my time.Secondly, I watched the paraylmpic games last year on the television and was glued to it as the alethes put their heart and soul into everything they did and you felt the pain and determination that they were going through; for the first time in 34yrs it made me feel proud to be British and disabled. So that’s why I have decided to do a parachute jump for them; it’s my way of saying I can do whatever I want and help others at the same time!

You can sponsor me at http://www.justgiving.com/helenconvery or visit my website at http://www.crazyhelen.com/ to learn more about the jump and other ways you can help.

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