21 March 2009

Disability sport: Adam’s Olympic dream

Feb 24 2009 Liverpool Echo

FOURTEEN-year-old Boccia star Adam Munroe is targeting Olympic glory - after being voted Belle Vale’s Most Improved Young Sportsman.

The Springfield Special Needs School pupil, from Huyton, is now targeting a medal at this summer’s Special Olympics which take place in Leicester in July.

Success in the east Midlands would cap a remarkable rise for the teenager who took up the sport eight years ago.

“We’re delighted,” said dad Rob.

“The ‘most improved’ award is something that he really does deserve because he has done so well.

“And he’s looking forward to Leicester now.”

Boccia is a sport similar to indoor bowls.

The sport is one where the competitor aims to roll their ball as close to the target ball, or ‘jack,’ as possible.

Adam, who has cerebral palsy, uses a ramp to aim the ball as close to the jack as he can, a skill that requires a lot of concentration and precision.

“Adam’s award is fantastic,” said Joan Bateman, his coach at the Kensington and Fairfield Sports Club.

“And it is all the more remarkable because he only started using the ramp two years ago when he became too weak to throw.

“This is a huge ego-boost for Adam, and if anyone deserves it it is him.”

The Special Olympics in Leicester will bring together hundreds of the best disabled athletes from around the globe, and Adam can’t wait to compete.

“He received some money as part of his ‘Most Improved’ prize,” said Rob.

“He has already spent it on a new pair of training shoes for himself and his mate for the Special Olympics, which sums him up.

“He’s excited about going, but is also thinking of his mate who’s competing as well.

“We’ll be going to Leicester for about eight days for it in July, and he can’t wait.

“He’s enjoying being famous!”

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