02 March 2009

I’d like to thank who ever invented a muscle relaxer!

Wow the past 48 hours have been a very painful one. It all started Saturday morning, I went down to my gym in the basement and decided to do a leg workout. After I was done I felt really good. About an hour later though muscle spasms started to make their ugly presence known. It hurt so bad, I wanted to scream my guts out, my Mom and Dad spent most of the day Saturday rubbing hot ointments on my muscles to help with pain.

I was also doped up on a muscle relaxer, normally I don’t like them very much because they making you loopy. But I was more than happy to be knocked out cold. And I ate lots of food with salt and drank a ton of water, as I always do. But the salt, came from some very not so good sources for the body.

Man, I have blogged on here in awhile. A lot is going on inside of my mind and heart. What I will say though, is this here I want to reach out to our brave Soldiers who have given their bodies to make our country a better, safe place. I’m going to be doing my Re-search, a lot of it will probably be in hospitals. As I’ve said before “The Emotional Struggle” is everyones story in some form or another.
And I think its my duty and calling in life to bridge the gap between hope and despair. When hope and despair clash, hope has a way of the the pain submit to a grip, like a submission hold if you well. The more I wake up everyday, the more I realize how fragile life is. Life is something the God of the universe created and we need to honor and respect it.

I simply ask that you all keep me in your thoughts and prayers, this month has just started and I plan on it being better than the last.
Peace be with you all.

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