07 March 2009

A New Humanity.

A lot has been cycling through my mind the past 24 hours. I’m going to step on some very fragile ground this morning, this may cause a stir among some Christians, and it might even get a few thumbing me over the head with their views of the Bible and what it really means for our world. I am gonna talk about creation, (In terms of God creating the world we live in) some “end times” drama and some words from Paul that I think may put some people back into healthy perspective.

I fist would like you (the reader) to put aside what you think you know. And what you’ve been presented about God, life and the Bible. Close your eyes, take a few deep breathes and let this entry teach you, speak to you and maybe even open up your eyes and mind and soul.

I want to share a verse from 1st Thessalonians 4:11-12
11 to seek to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you, 12 so that you may walk properly in the presence of outsiders and not be dependent on anyone.

Now if anyone knows anything about, they would know that I believe context is everything. In this case, in this verse. My main man Paul is talking to a group of Christians who refuse to work or do anything with their hands. Their acting this way because they believe God is coming back anytime to now, so there is no need to do anything at all with themselves or their lives. Some people had the attitude that because they have excepted Christ as their lord, that they’re some how now better than the “Sinners” of their day.

The verse is so central to how we live, Paul admits that he has NO idea when God will return a second time. And he urges them to stop thinking about it so much, and to spend their time working with their hands, feeding the poor and clothing people and ushering in the new kingdom, to earth. This reflects our current time I believe. Simply because we have Blogs popping up every where about the world ending soon.

And better yet, people calling our president the Anti Christ… That is a very huge claim. And I find it very annoying to say the very least… I mean so lady got mad at him, because he drank a beer? Seriously, get a life lady. If you ask me, I think we ought not to be focusing on when or how our world will end. Do I believe that this will happen? Yes, I do.

I believe the kingdom will come in love. But oh wait, wait about the wrath of God Brandon!!? Isn’t he gonna punish people!? Whoa.. where is the love in that? Its a serious thought to consider still mister Christian person.. I believe God’s wrath, when used to scare people and provoke others, is nothing more than insecurity in the highest of ways.

God does not get himself excited about bending us over his knee and spanking us. Please understand that Jesus came to show us how God really is. Yes he does get a bit cranked up in tone, but its always for a good cause. His message does is heavy, but it at no time aims to weigh us down.

And if I’m honest, when it comes to this end of the world crap. I think most Christians tend to only focus on themselves. Because its their ticket out of this world. Have we forgotten than when God created, he saw that it was. GOOD! And guess what people? He still bloody feels that way, even when people decide to screw it all up.

God knows what he is doing, and I highly doubt he wants us to sit on our butts, not doing anything because he’s come back anytime now. This is why agnostics and atheists say “Where is your God? ANYTIME now! And its not because God can’t be trusted, its because we honestly make ourselves look stupid. And I mean that in the most loving way possible.

In my eyes, I think that we have hidden behind the end times facade, as a way not to deal with the pain and coldness in the world. And you know it. you know it. I look in the world some days, and see such beauty in what God creates in nature and humanity, how could he want to destroy it all? He’s already done that once already.
Don’t you think its time we take on a new humanity?
Think about it… please.. this matters.

-Brandon the Writer

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