27 March 2009

How to Make an Edible Butterfly From a Radish

Food garnishing is an art - one that you can master. With the help of these step by step instructions, you'll be able to make an edible butterfly to garnish your dish.

Food garnishing and thai carving instruction

Cut a slice from a green radish, but do not cut it off completely.

Cut off a second thin slice next to it. They should be attached at the base. Cut them away without separating them. These are butterfly wings.

Cut a small piece off of the base. It should be enough to flatten that edge, but the wings need to remain attached to each other. If you cut off too much, they will separate.

Make the horns.

Trace the edge on the right side of the circle (when the base is at the bottom).

Remove a sliver next to the line you just cut.

The horns are ready.

Cut a wing shape as shown.

Carve out a pattern onto the wings.

Circles can be tricky...

This is the end product. Enjoy!

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