22 June 2008

Where it all began

My Parents separated when I was 4 years old, and I was an only child. However, the first four years of my life, we lived in an upstairs flat, reached by climbing two or three flights of stairs. It was in the same street as other relatives. My Grandparents lived just across the road from us, plus aunts and their families. Our road was a bit like Coronation Street. Everyone knew each other, from one end of the street to the other. We then had to move to a ground floor flat, when I was nearly five, because I was becoming to heavy for my mother to carry me up and down stairs. But, we made frequent visits to where we first lived. My weekends would be spent at my Grandparents home. I remember many Birthday parties taking place in neighbours back gardens. I also spent a lot time playing with my cousins. We had firework parties in my Grandparent back yard, and Christmas parties at one of my aunt's and uncle's house. As a child holidays always included the whole family. One of my uncles owned a Chalet near the seaside, we also stayed at holidays camps. The whole family treated me the same as any other child. My disability was not an issue then, it may have been because I was an active child in my own way.

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