18 June 2008

More gadgets

Well it's been awhile since I have wrote and that's because we have had a busy time of it. Mum is doing really well with walking and is increasing the distance and also the length of time she is able to wear her limb which is great. One thing that has frustrated her is that she finds it hard to reach the sink to wash up, struggle no more is the answer, and when I came home on Thursday we had a visit from Occupational Therapy and they brought her a high backed stool, so now she is able to transfer from her chair and onto the stool. Now she is happy because she can now independently work in the kitchen, so that in turn raises her confidence.

Friday morning I felt like the worlds strongest man, when they have to pull those huge trucks because the lift at work had been out of order and was fixed when I had arrived, I had to walk up a steep ramp to get up to the lift so I had to take small steps and lean forward so that I could get up, all I needed what the rope and the truck behind me and I could of qualified.

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