28 June 2008

Butterwick Hospice

Well it's the end of another week and a reasonably busy one at that. In terms of been out and about Stockton hosted another great farmers market and I bought some lovely marmalade and my all time favourite Wensleydale cheese and its not because it is a favourite of Wallace and Grommit, although I love them also, I just love the cheese.

Anyway during this week the weather hasn't been too bad and there was one day where it was really sunny, so decided to go out with my friends for a wander around the shops during our dinner. We all went to the Butterwick Hospice shop and I said ah, I will have to wait for you because I can't get up the step. The next thing I knew my friends had gone in and the Manager came out with a ramp, I couldn't believe it, in fact it was the first time I had seen this with any of the shops. So off I went up the ramp and I was in!!! this was great, because I could enjoy looking around with them also so was able to participate!!! Well Done to the Butterwick Hospice

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