08 June 2008

Mum going from strength to strength

Well what an improvement Mum has made in last couple of weeks, she can now put limb on herself with just a little help from me putting her shoes on. It's sort of come full circle, because Mum has always had to help me with my shoes and now i am helping her, but hey I don't mind we all have to help each other in life. Her walking has really come on and today she managed a series of walks which is great compared to a few weeks ago. I think we will be racing each other soon!!!!!! It was quite funny because when she stood this morning she said "wow I'm not sure I like been this high up" meaning she has has forgot how tall she is because she has been using her wheelchair for 5 months, so has probably got used to been at the level and now she is able to stand again she is seeing the world from a different angle

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