29 June 2008


hi friends
my name is Patrick and I'm a second degree blue belt in tae kwon do. I have spaina bifida and i'm on a quest to become a black belt and a teacher in tae kwon do for peoples with disabilities or prehaps open my own school. In these hard time's when money becomes tight and work is hard to find and it is difficalt to keep up. I'm with champion karate in michigan. for more info go to my friends list and look for champion karate. I'm looking for sponsors to help me with the cost for my classes. if anyone would like to help or give me suggestion's on what to do, feel free to e-mail me. I am a honest person and every cent will go to my classes. this is my dream and I hope I don't have to give it up. I wish to become the best in this art and to teach those who want to be more confident in themself's in a world that don't give much respect to us. My friends at champion karate are the best friends anyone could have. so if you think you can help me, drop me a line. I look forward in hearing from you. thanks for reading.

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