12 April 2008

Balance tested

Well yesterday I had a very productive Physio session and came away very happy and curious to say the least. I tackled the stairs again this week and although I have been walking a lot more this week on my crutches I seem to be quite tight but having said that I did manage the stairs nevertheless, and my Physio wasn’t worried and concluded that I could do stairs. I then went back through to the gym to do further work on steps in the bars and I managed well. Then the fun started, a wobble board was placed on the floor in front of me, and for those of you who have read my story so far will of read about my experiences with the wobble board, and be wondering why this time should be different ?. Well this was slightly bigger than what I am used too and this particular one had a puzzle inside it, with areas cut out and 3 balls, the idea being that using your balance you had to move the balls into the holes, and after a couple of attempts I did actually manage to get one of the balls in the hole!!!!!!!

An example of the puzzle wobble board

After spending time doing the exercises, we went into discussion mode, the reason being is that over the last few weeks since using my crutches I am finding that I am tightening up somewhat and when I use my frame although it restricts me a little in terms of stride I am not tight. I have a theory for this and that is when I am in the frame I am in a more upright position, and in comparison when using crutches I am not in as much of a straight position. Therefore the way I am thinking is the messages travel with ease to the correct pathways when in frame position but when using crutches I am at a slight angle and the messages can only travel part of the way and end up going down the old pathway, and because I am walking a lot with them I am starting to get tight. When I discussed this my Physio agreed because it is a different posture when walking with crutches and therefore e you will experience different feelings.
As our discussions developed I was introduced to one of the new physiotherapist and we were chatting and they were given an outline of my condition and the problems that I have, and how I have over come a lot of them by using different methods and equipment, and how much I strive for better in my disability to achieve more that is out of the box so to speak, anyway the discussion deepened and I started to get excited because we have agreed that I would be a good case study for the new Physiotherapist to try out the Bowen Technique and see what results we achieve. I am very excited about this prospect and what challenges this may bring out. I am going to start this next week and I can’t wait.

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