11 April 2008

End to a busy week

So glad it is Friday an end to a busy week, poor Mum had her first fall so as you can imagine it has a massive shock to her, luckily she didn’t break anything, just bruised and help was at hand to help her back up. I think it had annoyed her that she had fallen because the action she was doing ie standing and reaching up for something, she has done many times without any problem. I am so glad she was ok all I could visualise was us going to hospital again, I said to her don’t worry its just one of those things it happens.

Then on Wednesday she went back up to the hospital to follow through the limb assessment and I think it had shocked her to say the least, the limb wasn’t what she was expecting what I mean it didn’t look like a leg, the consultant said oh don’t worry (but she did) this is just the model (it looked so scary to her, with the straps on ) he said once we have tried it with you we will make the next stage and then if it is all ok you can take it away to the Physio.

When I asked her about it she said that it had calmed her a little, but I knew she wasn’t happy. Anyway after she fitted it on she was then able too with help stand and move in the bars. This I think is absolutely great the fact that she was able to not only get out of her chair but to walk away from it in the bars. Not only did she manage to walk to the end, but she managed to turn and walk back to the chair.
Mum told me all about it and she said “I will never be able to do this, I will never be able to walk” I then had to have my positive head on here and I proceeded to explain to her that it was in fact a great thing that she had managed to do what she had done and also for the first time since the operation she had actually walked away from the wheelchair. I don’t think she fully realises what she has achieved, but I think it will dawn on her in time; she is quite down since the fall which is to be expected because obviously it has knocked her confidence a lot, so hopefully next week when she goes she will improve a little more.

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