19 April 2008

Think I have found my vocation in life, I think I should of become a Physiotherapist

Well today I think I have found my vocation in life, what is that you may say, well to be a Physiotherapist. Mum now has her artificial limb, and today I spend some time with her, initially to help her to fit it on but then I helped her to stand in her zimmer frame, and my full instinct kicked in and there I was helping her stand and move the limb by supporting her. I was like me having physio all over again, when I had my surgery to straighten my leg and although Mum found it hard and strange (only the second time she has stood with it) she managed well, and she said that's because I have a great teacher, and I said, that's because I have been taught well, so I am well happy that I can help her to progress even if its through my experience I know she will master it

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