01 April 2008

I'm on a bit of a high so far

Well its only Tuesday and already I have had a good week, in fact you could say I am on a bit of a high, it started on Monday, although I had had a tough Physio session I decided that I was going to keep on keeping on and have continued to walk more during the day and that for one, seems to lift me. Anyway I attended my first work meeting on Monday, what I mean is I attended the meeting on my own without the colleagues in my team, as the time got closer I had prepared for it and as waited for the people to come, once settled I realised that I wasn't going to be as comfortable in my powerchair, so I decided hey what have I got to loose (other than the prospect of sliding off it!!!) I know I can sit on a normal chair (mind you it has been a while) so I bit the bullet so to speak and walked into the meeting and sat down.

The look of slight surprise on people's faces was quite nice too see surprised in the fact that I don't think they knew I could walk. Anyway the meeting went very well and I felt really comfortable to be able to discuss my points with everyone there. When I came out it was like I had had an outer body experience, in that there I was sat quite normally and participating without direction and the rest of me was looking down, when I say the rest of me, I mean my disability had left me and floated above me.

It was like yes I did it usually I have felt a little uncomfortable in meetings, particularly if I don't know the people attending, but I was fine and came out happy that I had achieved a couple of things yesterday.

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