01 May 2003

More Hydrotherapy

27 August 2003 Hydrotherapy has started again today and it went very well. My balance is improving both sitting and standing and I feel like I am starting to improve this is my eighth session. I am doing a lot of sitting balance and reaching exercises and strengthening work. I am seeing the Consultant on 29 August for a review appointment.

29 August 2003 The appointment went well today. I went and had 2 new x-rays taken one standing with back to the machine and one taken standing sideways on. The Consultant was very happy with the results.

1 September 2003 Hydrotherapy session went well today, I feel as through I am getting stronger. I have another session next week.

27 February 2004 I can't believe it is coming up to my next review appointment with my Consultant. My back feels good and the thing that amazes me in all of this is that on the 13 March 2004, it will be a year since the operation; the time has just flown by. Went to see the Spine Consultant today and he was delighted with my progress.

I had 2 x-rays taken and I was also pleased how it looked. I still can't believe it is coming up for a year. I feel and look really straight and I am delighted I had it done, I have a new lease of life and pain free from the day it was done and it's great. I have to go back in 6 months to see the Consultant.

13th March 2004 Well the 1st year has arrived and my back is great, all the pain I had was gone on day one and never returned. I can't really tell my back has rods in etc it just feels like it’s never happened.

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