01 May 2003


I was able to get in the pool by using the pool hoist as I am unable to walk up the steps. Once I was lowered into the water it was really warm and I stayed on the hoist seat so that I could do the exercises with the physiotherapist. It felt a lot easier to do the exercises in the water compared with doing exercises in the physiotherapy room, because the water was taking the weight of my body making it easier for me to move.

25 June 2003 I attended my second hydro session today and I was in the water for 15 minutes today. It was perfect: I did my first set of exercises sat on the hoist again and then I came off the seat and held the bars and I tried standing. Some of the water had to be taken out of the pool as I was unable to reach the bottom. Once some of the water had been removed and I was able to stand for a few minutes, it was really good and I was able to do exercises using a float. I found it a bit difficult at first to balance and the Physiotherapist helped support me.

5 July 2003 I went on Wednesday and it was a good session that lasted for 20 minutes. I started with my exercises while sat on the seat in the water and then the Physiotherapist helped me over to a step that was place in the water near the hand rail and I stood on the step with some support. I then did some exercises on the step holding onto the bar and then I managed to stand for a few minutes without holding on and it was great. I am going back on Wednesday and hopefully I am going to do some floating on my back.

11 July 2003 I went for another hydro session on Wednesday and it was great I didn't get to do any floating this week maybe next week. I did manage all my other exercises though and managed to stand without holding onto the bar for much longer. The Physiotherapist started to make the water move making it harder to keep balance but I managed to stay standing which means that I am getting stronger.

16 July 2003 I have been for hydro twice this week. On Monday I did a lot of sitting balance and standing balance work and today we started off doing the same exercises and then I did some work while floating on my back I loved. I had a special pillow which went around my neck a bit like a travel pillow, and then they had a special float which consisted of two big pieces of polystyrene and a kind of sling attaching the polystyrene at each end and this was put around my back and then I laid back onto it and I was fully support floating on my back, which was fantastic. I then did a series of exercises to help strengthen my back and stomach muscles.

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