18 February 2002

Comprehensive mainstream school

When I was 11 I started my local. The School had a Special Needs Building incorporated within the main school which allowed us to integrate with the mainstream lessons and still have access to Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy and any special lessons. I slowly was integrated into the mainstream for all my lessons and only went back for my weekly physio.

I found it strange at first just because of the amount of students in the school as I had only been used to small class sizes etc. I studied for my GCSE's although I didn’t pass them all with high grades I passed them all the same. In the early days I don’t know who was more nervous the students because they weren’t used to disabled students in there school, or me because I wasn’t used to a mainstream school. This soon passed and it was just the norm and we/I was accepted as being part of the school.

One of my favourite lessons was PE and I remember getting assessed by a wheelchair therapist for a sports wheelchair one with a low back and no arm rests so that it was easy to use twists and turns etc. I loved that chair because I was able to go really fast in it which was great when we played wheelchair basket ball. I also spent time on the trampoline with my Physio bouncing around it was surprising how easy it was to move.

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