18 February 2002

Life changing experiences

Welcome to Living life to the full, this is my life changing experiences of living with cerebral palsy here you will read how things have changed for me for the better I hope it will inspire people out there to realise that we can all reach our dreams.

Well where do I start at the beginning is probably the best place to start. I was born in 1974 with Cerebral Palsy which is a lack of oxygen although it was not diagnosed straight away it took a few months. After a few months I had to have a operation on my hip as it kept dislocating so I spent a long time in frog plasters and my parents were unable to take me home for quite a while because I was premature and only weighed 3lbs and I could not go home till I was 5lbs. What is Cerebral Palsy you maybe thinking? Well let me see if I can explain a bit about it for those who don't know. Cerebral Palsy is not an illness and or a disease it is a physical condition that effects people's movement and it can affect people differently. If someone has this disability it means that part of their brain is not working properly or has not developed. This will have happened before they were born, around the time of birth or in early childhood. The affected area of the brain is usually one of the parts which control the muscles and certain body movements. In some people, cerebral palsy is barely noticeable. Others will be more severely affected.

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