11 October 2009

What is a Professional Disabled?

Ok, what is a Professional Disabled? We are those that have a college degree or operate a business that requires a skill set i.e. photography, graphic design, technology, etc. This is the skill set that the support given to the disabled does not provide for. Why are we in this position? Well, we have passed the movement; we are disabled minority pioneers. While most of the movement is focused on the basics, we have surpassed that. With the passage of IDEA in the mid 1970s and ADA in 1990, we are also the first generation to have these challenges. Since we are competitively employed or have a degree, the services look at us as a success; however, having a foot in the door is merely the beginning of the journey. If we want to progress in our careers we have no support, just networking and pure luck. Other minorities have groups working with them to get affirmative action and other programs; we need this for our community. It’s up to us as the community to help us take the next step. Other than careers, we also worry if I make X or get married will I lose the benefits that make me independent. Issues that others may not have to worry about."

Professional_Disabled: July 2009

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