11 October 2009

Issues facing those with disabilities most people will not face

Back in May I decided to take a test to get certified as A Filemaker Pro 10 developer. I wanted to pass this to help me freelance as a database developer. The test is 100% multiple choice questions and computerized. So naturally I wonder if I needed special accommodations for the test, since I can’t write but can use the computer. As I was studying for the exam I realize the exam would have 10% calculations which mean I’d need to take notes in the exam itself. So I applied for special accommodations. I asked for double time and a scribe. Here is the issue a normal test taker could pick their site and time when. But for the scribe I need to give 10 Business days notice and they had to find a site to shut the room down for me to take the test. It took 2 weeks to set up the test. As I was setting up the exam I truly debated if the scribe was worth it. I asked mom and Sister both Special education teachers and Co-Workers I work for a special Education District. All had different views.

This is one issue I have faced of many that my disability has played a role. I know others with disabilities has faced same question and other questions, we can ask those who we love and respect for their views, but want someone who has walked in our shoes and can relate. It goes back to my previous post where we are isolated from each other and it’s up to us the disabled to form the connection we need to move ahead."

Professional_Disabled: July 2009

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