11 October 2009

Stronger Movement II

In working for one voice we must realize each of our disabilities needs are different. Some of us can function with limited adaptations while other major adaptations are needed. This makes devolving a movement so much more difficult. So like myself needs to worry about only a pc to function in everyday life while others need a personnel care attendant to function. With this being the case it makes building a case for building a movement so much harder, so that truly parts the ball in our court.

One thing that was meant to help us was the ADA, a good intentioned law, that when we with disabilities interview, future employers has their hands tied, or thinks that because they are unsure what questions they can or can’t asked about our disabilities. This has limited there questions where maybe if they could address it we would get better chances. I once had a possible employer said they had questions about my CP, who could they call? I sent them to the local rehabilitations office. And they did not get any help there and lost interest in me. Once again where if we had a stronger movement it would have helped.

Professional_Disabled: July 2009:

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