11 October 2009

Questions and Answers please

It is a pretty simple question what accommodations do you need. But is it. I have found that when an accommodations is given, not all the questions are asked at that time. Because the logistics have not be able to be thought thru or worse yet the answers are assumed before and never asked. When I was 18 I went to my college for placement tests , when we got there we forgot to request a note taker, Whoops assumed I would have one because I always had one. I had a friend who asked for a handicapped accessible Hotel room only to realize they forgot to ask the width and found his chair did not fit. Basic questions but over looked. Then after the accommodation is made realizing not all questions were asked, like who is responsible for what.

I’d like to think 50% of the discrimination we as disabled professionals face is because people 1. Don’t know the question to ask 2. Don’t know how to ask it or 3. Feels the laws prevent them from asking. Its up to us the disabled professional to deal with these issues, and concerns. We are self don’t have the answers but through building a network we can educate ourselves and others."

Professional_Disabled: August 2009:

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