12 September 2009

The morning of the surgery

The following morning I was up early and into the shower and then ready and waiting with my very fetching gown and green socks on for Mr Papastefanou so that we could have final discussions and to sign the consent form. The porter was waiting in the wings and I remember asking after the operation, when would I be able to get out of bed. The answer was later this afternoon if I so wished, I thought you cant be serious, but it was as serious as it got. I thought well if thats the case im ready if you are.

We were off and as I was nearing the holding room before being taken to the anesthetic room, the nerves started to niggle a bit, I dont know why because I am used to it after all the operations I have had, but there you go, I suppose you cant win them all. I entered the anesthetic room and after discussions about pain relief on waking I was sent off too sleep

The next thing I remember is waking up on my side in the recovery room, shaking from head to foot with cold, which then set off muscle spasms in my legs, the staff were making me as comfortable and as warm as possible with a heated blanket, to stop the shakes. I remember looking towards the door and my consultant was coming towards me and at that moment I knew that everything was going to be ok as I reached out for his hand, he smiled and stayed for a few minutes, before scrubbing up for the next operation.

After he went I remember laying there a bit longer and the pain was getting worse and I remember saying to the nurses, please can I be turned onto my back as its the only way to reduce the spasms, they said wait while we speak to him in theatre, phew the reply was that I was allowed to be turned and that he would see me in a few hours. the team of staff came and slowly turned me and take the hat device off me replacing them with blankets.

I cant remember the exact time I was back in my room, but I know it was in the afternoon about 3pm I know I had missed lunch, so my thoughts were I have been in there a while. The nurses on the ward all seemed to jump into action and it wasnt long before I was settled and sleeping it off, the nurse spoke to Mum and told her I was back and asleep, so she knew I was back safely.

I think it was about 4 and true to his word he came to see me and to check how I was doing, we talked for a while and I remember him saying if you want to get up later its fine with me, rest now I replied I will stay in bed till the morning and get up with the physiotherapist. He said thats fine with me you go at your own pace and I will check on you in the morning. I then went back to sleep for a bit happy in the knowledge that everything went ok. One thing that I was also pleased about was although I didnt feel that great in recovey I didnt have any morphine, because they know that it makes me so ill and sick for days. As a result I knew that I was going to be up and about soon. When I woke the nurse asked me what I would like to eat, I said im I ok to eat now "yes" ok I will have the pork with mushrooms casserole and roast potatoes with veg and although it was a bit hard with the drips in my hand I quite enjoyed it. After that I felt well enough to ring Mum myself and I knew that once she spoke to me she would be more settled and know that I was ok

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