16 September 2009

Going Home believe it or not

Friday morning came and the nurses came to sort my bed out so I asked them if I was allowed to go in the shower, I had had a good night and was feeling great, the nurse said yes it's fine we will get some waterproof dressings and then you can go in. The nurse helped me but it was lovely just being back to me doing things and I thought to myself I wonder if I would be allowed home, although didn't say anything. After the shower I got my clothes on rather than my pjamas and sat in my wheelchair to have breakfast. Mum then called me to see how I was doing and said I had just been in the shower and managed fine.

Once everything in my room had beensorted I got out of my chair and went for a walk into the ward and to speak to the Sister on duty to see what the likelyhood was that I would be allowed home, she didn't see why not but it would be up to the man himself, and that he would be coming to see me at some point in the day. I knew with it being friday, he would have clinic and therefore could be around lunchtime.

I decided to go back to my room and get in my chair so that I could get around easier and go to the shops. The Dr who had been looking after me came to see me briefly to make sure everything was fine and it was. I then spend the rest of the time whizzing around in my chair.

It is sod's law that when you are waiting too see someone they never come, but the minute you go out they arrive. This is exactly what happened I had gone off the ward for a few minutes and Mr Papastefanou had been too see me and I missed him, or so I thought because as I was heading back he was coming towards me so we stopped and had a long discussion about how I was and how things would be over next few months etc. He asked if I had any questions so I asked would I be allowed to go home now ? if your not happy then I would stay over the weekend etc, but no he was as happy as I was, the x-ray looked good, and I had done everything he had asked me to do, so off you go with my blessing.

It was really an emotional moment for both of us, because he was leaving the country and going home to greece to work, but we both left on a very happy moment, and Mr Papastefanou, if you are reading this I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me, and I will keep my fighting spirit I promise!!!!!!!!

Safe Journey

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