13 September 2009

Getting up the following day

Well after a bit of a unsettled night all seemed ok I was able to get washed and ready, the Mr Papastefanou came to see me as promised to see how I was doing and also to arrange for me to go and have an x-ray during the day. I said that I was feeling good and happy to get up with the Physio's when they came around. Luckily I didn't have to wait long after before they came. I explained to the Physio that I had my own way of getting out of bed, and that I would try it and if I struggled then I would use there way, and she was happy with that, so I rolled into action being careful not to pull my stomach too much because it was sore. I then said that I hadnt walked too far since October last year, but wanted to see how far we got. As soon as I stood up it was a odd feeling, although I knew that I was going to be ok walking some. Off we went into the ward and I manged slowly to get to the nurses station, and the Physio said well your safe for home as far as im concerned. I thought she was joking but it seemed not.

Anyway her assitant brought my chair and it was nice to sit down, albeit a little painful, but as soon as I got settled I was free and back in my wheels, so I could move around the ward and go off the ward with permission if I wanted too, but I didnt stray too far, because I knew it was coffee time soon and I was waiting for x-ray. Coffee came and I enjoyed it because the lady gave me some biscuits and on talking to her, we realised that she was the tea lady on ward 44 at Middlesbrougfh General when I got my back done 6 years ago, and she remembered me.

After lunch I saw the porter and I knew I was going for my x-ray, he asked me if I would prefer to get on the trolley here or down in the department. I said here, so the nurse who had been looking after me came and helped me onto the trolley and we left my chair outside the room for when I came back. I remember as I was getting on to the trolley my head went back and the nurse said you do everything with that head, because she knew that I kind of move myself with my head sometimes, but she also knew that if I didnt control it back and it fell back it can cause extensor spasms so she quickly supported me and helped me move better onto the trolley. The reason she knew about the spasms was because she also looked after me during first back surgery. We were off it sort of felt good as not left the ward since Tuesday and although it had only been 2 days I had forgot what my surroundings were like.

The x-ray didn't take long although I was quite tired by this point and I couldn't wait to get back to the ward so that I could go to bed. When we got back to the ward the nurse on duty could see that I was tired and uncomfortable, and gave me the choice of my wheelchair or going to bed, "bed please I have had enough for today", so they got a pat-slide and moved me into my bed and it was heaven, just to lay down, and wait for family to visit

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