12 September 2009

Artificial Disc Replaement Surgery

Well its a while since I have given you all an update on how my life is going, and thats because you may remember that I posted a bit ago that I was waiting for more spine surgery, well I have had the surgery and im back home safe, sound and doing well.

I went for my pre assessment and long discussions with my Spine Consultant Mr Papastefanou and we agreed to go ahead with the operation on the 19th August. The day was set and I had 2 weeks to get my head around what was going to be happening.

The 18th came and I made my way to the hospital to get admitted to the ward and complete the medical assesments that you usual go through the day before surgery. I have to admit that I was starting to feel a bit nervous, but not as nervous as I was going to be the next day. All the assesments went well and I have to say I was really impressed with my room, I got a room to myself so that I had plenty of space for my wheelchair and I had ensuite facilites so it felt like a hotel room. I was also impressed with the meals, in all the times I have been in hospitals I am never liked the meals and not really eaten much.

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