20 September 2009

Keep dreaming

I would like to first say, that I’m pleased to announce that The Emotional Struggle is now being sold in the United Kingdom. And while it may only be through an online store, the thought just makes me grin from ear to ear. So I’m now dedicating all my efforts to promoting internationally. I may or may not be be recieving help from a marketing company.

It all comes down to money ,(it almost always does) also you can now find me on Google Books! Exciting stuff huh? I think so… Any how, recently I recieved an instant message from an online friend. She was apperantly reading through some of my blogs, and became a bit steemed with me. I’m not a huge fan of contriversy, but I decided to be apart of the conversation.
Her first comment was directed at the fact that, my blogs seem a bit gloomy. And that she did not understand my darkness. She also is physically challenged and is far worse of than myself. The conversation basicly was one sided, she was telling me her story, and the more that she told me, the more it became clear to me that her problem isn’t so much with me, as it is within herself, her skin and God.
This blog is not an attempt to point a finger at her, but more so a way to bring about a collective message. The message has to do with our dreams. Some of us have just stopped all together, or no longer feel the need. I know I speak of dreaming a lot. Because it’s so vital, how many times through out the Bible does God communicate through dreams?

I’m not talking about dreaming about a new car, or something tangible like that. That’s a desire you can slowly work too. I’m mainly speaking about, dreams that sit somewhere inside us that we can’t possible get to on our own. When you meet Jesus, everything changes. A huge majority of that change is inward, why is it inwardly? Because we live inwardly. Think about it, are hearts pump blood through out our bodies. Cells produce in minutes time, making you, you. If the heart stops, we die.
We are inward out beings, how we feel about ourselves on the inside reflects outwardly in our moods and over all out look. If you think your life is a big dirty trash can full of poop, it will be. If look for the good in all things, chances are the outcome will much brighter. I am an optimist at heart, but that does not mean that bad days will not find me, because it does most of the time. But you keep getting back up. You moving foward no matter what.
Keep dreaming, take more walks. Read some good books. All well be okay.

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