10 January 2009

Thoughts on self image

Body image is something a lot of people face on a daily basis. Some of us are are trying to be thinner, some trying to build more muscle and even fight to loose an ex amount amount of pounds and body fat. What I would like to talk about though is the human body image effects those with Cerebral Palsy and other various forms of disabilities. I have a very mild form of CP, one of my greatest pleasures in life is the release that I get from working out on a daily basis. Its refreshing, its therapy and it helps me think and ward of negative thoughts. But yesterday in my moments of meditation I started to think about those who had it harder than myself. I want to say from my own own experience, that self appearance is sometimes harder for a physically challenged person to deal with, rather than a full functioning person. Some people can't you their lower or upper extremities well enough, so it can become hectic to even try to better our bodies. Again, I am writing this as a member of the physically challenged community. My body deals with the aches and soreness everyday, and so I do what I can to fight it.

Exercise, Vitamins, Supplements, eating right, (at least trying too) prayer, meditation and sleep. All of these things to help improve the quality of life. But where does one become satisfied? Finding satisfaction can cost a life time, if we don't find the roots of our dissatisfaction. A lot of us have asked the question: Who will want me like this? The answer is cliche and simple all at the same time. You must love yourself inside and out, past and present. Before anybody else can. An answer like this is hard to swallow, it hurts. I am the first to admit this. If you don't see anything desirable about yourself, life can becoming boring and we won't see the beauty in ourselves and even in our world. My gosh, I don't mean this to sound like a "Ten Steps to a better you!" article, because the lives we have are real, and no ten step program will heal our souls. A man once said: "How you feel about the creation is how you feel about the creator". Now wether you believe in God or not. You and I were created unique, so if we have a on going disfunction within us. I would say that it stems from something much, much bigger. So once again we are back at the central meaning of everything and that is love. The media does not show the kind of love that heals and gives birth to a life full of inner contentment. I know the media and magazines get a lot of flack, but what is it really saying to us? Its simply saying to us: "more, more, more". "you won't be happy unless you look like this". I know that a lot of us want to look good and feel great, which is good. And I esteem those desires. But lets learn to give all are beings a break, myself included. I haven't worked out this entire week, and its hard not go down to the gym and bike at miles. But the only motive in doing so, who be to have the body that I've always wanted. Its a honest statement, and that kind of honesty can help us keep over motives clear.

We are not meant to live as machines, and we are not meant to slave ourselves. In closing these words are meant to inspire us, to want to live better. To live with great meaning and purpose. To redirect our brains to what really is at the root of self image. And when we step foot in front of the mirror, may we see someone who is loved, now and forever and nor life nor death can separate us from that. -Brandon

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