29 January 2009

A little thought on exhile

I've been doing a lot of study in the Torah as I've late, and its blowing my mind. A theme that keeps coming up (Two themes really) is exile and redemption. Exile is when we as human beings forget our stories, we forgot who God is and what he has rescued us from. God pays close attention to the cries of the oppressed, but he doesn't just hear it, he acts on it.

But some how the human condition gets out of control, and we think that we can do things ourselves now. Which in hindsight, doing things by ourselves isn't always a bad thing, because we are not attached to strings for God to pull. We are a given a body to function with on a daily basis.

There is a metaphor in the Bible, its called being "East of Eden" and that means not being in order with how God intended things to be. We are east of Eden when we forget what the bread and wine symbolize... Grace is not meant as a one time thing.

Grace is a everyday moment, in which we reflect on our lives, beyond the chaos and fight and we remember that our lives are not our own. I never want to forget who the redeemer is and who has brought me through and what he is bringing me through.

I want to eat and drink of grace everyday, and know that the cry of the oppressed is probably louder than it has ever been. So let us remember our own bondage. and then let us also with the ears of Christ. Go and remove the heel from the neck of the oppressed.


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