25 January 2009

Rising to new heights

Well we are nicely into the new year and rising to the new challenges that face us. It has been a busy time for me since Christmas so much so that it feels that Christmas didn't happen, it went that quick. Things have been going ok for me and for Mum, Mum is progressing nicely with her physio and has tried elbow crutches very briefly not too keen !!!. I am still suffering with pain in my hips and back and I am hoping to see my spine consultant soon, I haven't seen him for 6 years, so in so respects although I am going with a new problem, it will be nice to see him and let him see how my back is doing. I am hoping the pain will settle soon as its pulling me down a little I have to say as I don't feel as mobile as I have been and feeling a little frustrated.

I have some high points to report on so its not all doom and gloom, during my time off at Christmas it sort of came to a head really how difficult it was becoming for Mum and me in the kitchen with us both using wheelchairs in there, I need to bee in my powerchair to help to carry things and help prepare things. So I decided that enough was enough something had to be done, I contacted my occupational therapist to arrange an assessment for Mum and to see if we could convert our existing kitchen into a height adjustable one so that it is a bit easier for us both. Anyway my OT came out and carried out the initial assessment and is very hopeful that we can have the kitchen adapted Way to go!!!!!, we are just waiting for the architect to come out from the Council and the kitchen designer to have a look at the existing space and what can be done.

While we are waiting for them my OT is arranging for Mum and I to go to our Independent Living Centre where they have a fully adapted kitchen installed, we cant wait to go and have a look and to test the gadgets.

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