16 November 2008

Speedy recovery

Well it seems like it has been a while since I wrote and I know it has been, I have had some highs and lows this last couple of weeks, and it started of with my best friend Daniel, who you may of read about in previous writings, well he recently had to undergo further spinal surgey due to his pelvis twisting, so he had to have more metal work put in, and although it was a big operation, he was home in no time and on the road to recovery, I have kept uptodate with his progress by phone and last week I had the greatest day because I logged on to my computer and webcam and got to see for my self how great he is doing Way to go Daniel!!!!! keep on keeping on mate

Then have had had a bit of a rough time with a chest infection and I had to have some time off work, so it shows how bad it was because it is ages since I have been on the sick from work, but following the infection I developed servere pain in my left hip and my Physio thought it might be a hernia from all the coughing I had been doing, so I ws off again to the doctors but luckily everything was ok. Although I still had the pain and it wasn't getting any better so I decided to go and see my othropedic consultant, who has looked after me for many years now.

After a full examination I had to go for an xray and I am and then the look of worry came and I was sent for an ultrasound scan of my pelvis to check for any infection, which could be the cause of the pain, but luckily it came back ok!!! a sigh of relive I can tell you, and now I have been given the all clear I am waiting to see my Physio and see if we can settle things down a bit as its still really painful.

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