16 November 2008

CoreTx for Stroke Rehab

CoreTx is a nifty wireless device that is intended to be used by stroke victims to help restore controlled limb movement. Working with gyroscopic technology similar to the one inside of a Nintendo Wii controller, the unit tracks the precision and speed of a limb's movement and provides feedback to the user.

Core:Tx® is a software and hardware system that interfaces with a patient, giving him or her real-time feedback on the position and movement of selected joints. At the same time this system provides the clinician with valuable objective data on the patient’s performance and abilities.

Used under the guidance of a therapist or healthcare professional, Core:Tx turns rehabilitation into a wireless, game-like challenge that is entertaining and works for a variety of patients recovering from neuromuscular conditions as well as joint injuries. The Core:Tx system is compatible with and enhances existing rehabilitation, preventative and strengthening protocols.

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