18 November 2008

Been so long since I last wrote

Think the last time I posted on blog, was the beginning of summer, way back in June or July. How has the time flown by so quick! I began August with a holiday in Blackpool at a Haven Holiday Park. It turned out to be a bit disappointing. I booked a wheelchair accessible caravan for a week stay costing over £600. I expected the interior of the caravan to be of a high standard and good adaptions in place, in the bathroom. To my dismay, the toilet seat was pratically of it's hinges. And the curtains in the living room were hanging down, while the TV remote control was held together by duck tape. Not what I expected for money I paid. After complaining to management, the toilet seat was repaired promptly. But, using the shower cubicle was difficult. The shower tray was raised of the floor. There was a shower seat attached to the wall, but it wasn't very wide and had no side arms, so I felt very unsafe. Staff at the Holiday Park had information to hire equipment. I decided to hire a shower chair. The chair was delivered, and as soon as I saw it I knew it would be unsuitable for me. It was far to high and tilted forward. We then placed an ordinary white garden chair in the shower tray. The white garden chair proved to be strong, sturdy and the right height. I also hired an electric wheelchair for our stay in Blackpool at the cost of £72 for the whole week. By Thursday, the seat of the chair started rocking, and eventually, came of completely. One of the holiday parks security guards became aware of the problem. On close inspection he informed us, the seat had been attached by washers only, instead of screws. In his disgust, he got the hire company to give a full refund. which they did.

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