27 November 2008

HULA Animal Rescue Fundraiser

Once i heard how much the credit crunch was affecting HULA, with so many animals coming in with medical problems and too little money to care for them, I knew i had to do something - but what? I knew it had to be big enough and scarey enough to raise as much as possible.

I have Cerebral Palsy. As babies, we have a startle response and as we get older our brain learns to control it. With Cerebral Palsy my brain cannot inhibit the response, so the slightest thing can make me jump (Baloons popping, champagne corks, flashes and worst of all........fireworks! The startle response is so embarrasing and painful that i have become phobic about the things that make me jump, so in all my life i had only been to a few fireworks displays, one of which made me cry!

So what better way to raise money for HULA than to face my fears and go to a fireworks display (my best friend suggested gleefully with a wicked grin!) So i went for it, with a target of £1000. My sister was really supportive and began to generate as much interest as possible. Before i knew it, I had been on BBC 3 counties radio and had my picture in the Milton Keynes Citizen. Four days before the fireworks i looked at myself in the paper and thought "Oh my goodness, there is no way i can back out now!"

So when the night came i felt a mixture of excitment and fear. For inspiration i went on to the HULA website and read Simon's story - he was abandoned in the car park at the sanctuary. Wiping away the tears, that was all the encouragement i needed!

A few hours and alcoholic drinks later i was ready. My sister told the Horizon radio guys that i was there and the adrenilin kicked in. The countdown started. I tried to get myself as energized as i could and then...........BANG!!! I managed to just about stay in my wheelchair! The bangs became louder and more intense and i was gagging with the fear going through me but the accompanying music was breathtaking and it soon began to feel more spiritual and uplifting, realising that i had conquered such a terrible fear and proved that every one who sponsored me was right to believe in me.

In total i raised £600 for HULA. I feel i have a new lease of life and so much more to give.

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  1. Well Done Zoe!!!!!!!!! cant wait to hear what your next ventures going to be

    Keep up the good work