26 March 2010

Hell Yeah!! The Scott Weir story

"This is a tribute documentary I made for my brother, Scott Weir. He was born with severe Cerebral Palsy in 1961, but that did not stop him from living his dreams. He was happiest whenever those dreams put a steering wheel in his hand, whether it be driving an airboat thru the Everglades, a go-cart with his friends or driving his truck a little to fast on his way home, this is what made him smile. NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt was Scott's life long hero, and after my brother's passing in 2007, I decided to fulfill his dream of getting him to victory lane. So put on your seat belts & Enjoy the ride!!"

Rob weir...

Bolt productions

Hell Yeah!! The Scott Weir story from Rob Weir on Vimeo.

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