10 March 2010

And so it was....

Yesterday I was brushing my teeth. When I was all of a sudden my mind was lost in a vision. I was wearing a grey sweater, blue jeans, black shoes and armed with a black shoulder bag. I was walking along in a busy city, huge buildings and cars honking their horns. Where I was headed was beyond me, that was a small. The next was like something from Narnia, where your taken into a whole other world. For me, I was taken into the world of Lamentations, it was so intense and very hard to describe.
I think maybe its because I’m studying and researching it a lot, point being:
1) I started writing again, and I’m one page out. I’m nervous, scared, excited and feel like a little kid on Christmas morning.
2) I’m taking my sweet time, I’m not really in a rush on anything. There’s still so much I need/want to do with my first book. But this will keep me occupied. I hate using the word “busy” because it makes it sound like there’s not enough time in a day for anything else.
I am going to writing a lot about my inner concerns about faith and Christianity, to put it simply this book will be written from an “outside looking in” perspective. I’m not saying to much, but my hope is to capture the hearts of people who want nothing to do with doctrine or denomination.
I’m very excited.
Writing one word at a time.

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