16 November 2009

We found we were not alone

Your world is turned on its head and suddenly even the everyday tasks that we all take for granted become so much harder.

She and husband, Bernard, are full-time carers for their grandson, Kyle.

The 12-year-old has cerebral palsy, epilepsy, asthma, global development delay and learning difficulties.
“Caring for a disabled child you tend not to go out and about as much,” says Mary, 61.

She considers the family lucky as Kyle is mobile, but she says: “People whose children are severely disabled can find it difficult to even go on the bus - simple things that we take for granted.”

That is why the Middlesbrough couple decided to join Parents 4 Change, a network that brings together parents, carers and service users to share their experiences and work alongside the professionals to find solutions to everyday challenges.

“We have learned an awful lot about different disabilities and how people cope,” says Mary. “It makes you feel as though you are not alone and it puts your own child’s disabilities into perspective.”

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