02 November 2009

About Me

hi my name is DAWN i am 44 yrs old and have a disabillity called cerebral palsey hemipligia which effects my rt side i try not 2 let it get the better of me altho some times it does get me down i live my life as full as it allows i have 4 ablebodied children aged 21 19 18 17 and 3 beautiful grandsons also able bodied im also divorced my choice lol and live very happily without x lol my disabillity doesnt stop me being a nice person and being funny and careing and very strong minded helps deal with the down falls of what i was born with so i hope by telling who ever reads this a little about me helps them if they have a disabillity 2 deal with that its not that bad and u can live your lives 2 the best of your personal abillities take care enjoy your day if you would like 2 msg me then feel free hope 2 hear from u soon bye 4 now

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