04 November 2009

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments effective for treating many disabilities

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments are effective for treating many disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, according to an article on www.ehow.com.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments also known HBO therapy was not intended to treat Cerebral Palsy or other brain injuries but when coupled with intensive physical and occupational therapy can be effective, according to the article.
The Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Center website, which can be found at http://www.hypertc.com states that the treatment has also been effective for treating Cerebral Palsy, ,Autism, Strokes, Multiple Sclerosis and sports related injuries.

HBO therapy usually involves the patient being put into an inflatable “room” which is just big enough for a person to lie down or sit up in. The air pressure of the room is usually two to three times normal air pressure and it filled with 100% oxygen. The increase in air allows oxygen to flow to the patients organs and body tissue, according to a second article about HBO therapy on www.ehow.com.
The Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Center states the one treatment session lasts an hour. Patients should have multiple treatments and the number will determined during an initial evaluation with their choose treatment center.

The cost varies depending on the number of treatments needed and type of chamber used. The website states that patients can read a book, listen to music, talk on their cell phone, play a handheld videogame and/or work on a laptop to occupy themselves while in the chamber.

People who are prone to ear infections, have ear canal or ear wax related problems should not have HBO treatments because the increased air pressures in the chamber can cause patients to feel pressure on their ears. It is recommended that patients try yawning and massaging their ears in order to relieve the pressure. People who are intoxicated or experiencing cold or flu symptoms should not have the treatments because it could be dangerous to them and others who use the chamber after them, according to the website.

People of all ages can have HBO therapy but it is more effective on young children because they are still developing. The Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment center is located in Cumming Georgia. Many other medical facilities have been known to offer the treatment. People and or family looking into this type of treatment should keep in mind that because it was not intended to treat brain injuries many insurance companies will not pay for it. As noted above the cost varies. According to the first article about HBO therapy on www.ehow.com the cost can range anywhere from $100-$250 per treatment depending on the type of chamber used.
Patients and their families also have the option of purchasing or renting a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, according to the treatment center’s website. Those who are interested in buying or renting a chamber should visit http://www.vitao2.com/index.cfm for details. Please note that a prescription is needed to complete either transaction.

Patients and families looking for further guidance or who are skeptical may want to take the time to read the testimonials of patients and families find on the Hyperbaric Oxygen Center’s website.

For more info visit: http://www.ehow.com/how_4465058_use-hyperbaric-chamber-therapy-cerebral.html
http:// http://www.vitao2.com/index.cfm

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