25 October 2008

A World Without Fear

Everyone has an idea of a perfect world would look like, for them. But most of the time I would believe that are only singular. Meaning we probably don't see the full spectrum, I believe this to be true because we all do it, and for me to write this article I will have to use both a singular and plural approach.

I've heard it said that this world waits for no one, that it won't adapt for those with physical limitation. I realize that I'm already stepping on hollow ground here, but that's okay. Just because our world chooses not to adapt for certain people. Does not excuse us a humanity to look down on one another.

Allow me to ask a very simple question:

What is this world coming to?

I ask this because as a physically challenged person, it feels rather embarrassing when you slip and fall at a restaurant because the was a slick spot on the ground. After you do your best not to make a scene, you look around to see that everyone has heard that sound of your crutches hitting the floor and the thud of your body hitting the ground.

But a good majority of people just glance, and then go back to eating their burgers made with some pink in the middle. I mean sure, the staff of the restaurant came rushing over to see if I was okay. Which I was, I shook it off and tried my hardest to act like nothing happened.

What happened to the good samaritans of our day? The kind that would stop at anything to see if one was alright. I don't think that their gone, rather I believe that they're in all of us. Its the fear in us that prevents us from acting and being a hero. So I suppose that this where my vision for a perfect world would begin. This is a singular and plural approach because it speaks of community.

If you turn on the news and watch for ten minutes, you'll probably notice it has to do with the "Us Versus Them" Factor. The democrats versus republicans. This gets annoying quickly, because a bigger picture is always missed. I really don't care what one believes is true, more times than none I care about what we do with time we are given in this short life.

Its more beneficial to our world, when two people who have nothing in common with one another, can find a means to come together as one for a greater good. This may seem so small, but its because we cannot see the edification of our actions.

This kind of vision for our world is more than possible, but as I've said more than a million times. It starts with you first, you must know and realize that your life means something. And that no one can tell you different, okay? We've been told this growing up from our parents I'm sure.

This saying was ingrained in me, by my parents, and I'm very thankful because of it. I heard a quote today and it went a little something like this: "Even if you don't believe in God, He believes in you". In his eyes, we are all his sons and daughters. And know one is above one another.

Even if you don't believe in God, we need to wrap our minds around the fact that know one is above anyone else. Our blood still is the same color. We all get covered in dirt when we die, so with the little time that we have in this life. Why can't we allow ourselves the time change and become the type of people that are not paralyzed by fear?

With love.

-Brandon Ryan

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