12 October 2008

Cerebral Palsy and Physical Therapy

Visit http://www.cpdiscovery.com for more videos - When a child is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, a parent might wonder what's in store for them in terms of therapy. Which ones should they participate in? What is available? How long various interventions are expected to last?Noreen Scott is a Physical Therapist and owner of Tender Ones Therapy Services in Dacula, Georgia. She believes in the power of Physical Therapy when it comes to children with Cerebral Palsy."When we work with children with CP, our ultimate goal is for them to be as functional as they can possibly be and as independent. In order to be able to do those skills and be independent, you have to have the building blocks. What those building blocks are...are getting your range of motion through an acceptable amount, being flexible, being strong, having good balance...so that child can stand and walk and be independent on their own and as they grow older," says Noreen.In the following video report, Noreen explains how Cerebral Palsy affects children, goals associated with Physical Therapy, and how long parents should expect their child to see a Physical Therapist. For more information on Noreen Scott or Tender Ones Therapy Services, Inc: www.tenderones.comFor more information on CP related therapies: http://www.cpdiscovery.comFunding for CP Discovery is provided by http://www.rehabmart.com

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