17 October 2008

A Love Like Rahab

Last night I decided to kick back and have a beer, and I got to thinking about a man named Joshua. He married a young women named Rahab who was a prostitute. I mean its kinda cool how it happened, Joshua and his army are preparing for the fight of their lives, but before anything happens that take refuge in her home.

Rahab pleads with Joshua not to destroy her home, and her place of business. She even hides him and a few of his mates. Until some sneaky snitch decides to tell their enemies of the Israelites plan of attack. (According to some scholars and experts on this particular time in history.)

Rahab decides to hang a red cord out her window, so Joshua and his troops know not to touch her home. Now... that is a small piece of background. But then, I started to put myself in Joshua's shoes (or rather sandals) based on some drawings that portray her, she seems to be a very attractive lady at that.

So at first glance I would like to think that when their eyes met, there was a subtle attraction. Because they couldn't show it, they probably couldn't show the radiation of their smiles. And the entire time Joshua was at war, I bet he thought about her, and I bet his prayer was to make it back alive so he could see Rahab again.

Please understand that this is just my assumption. But what made me so intrigued by the two of them, was how counter culture their relationship was. I mean Joshua was no an idiot he knew she was a prostitute and how she made money, but he didn't know how many partners she could have had, unless she just came out and told him.

However, in my assumption. I believe Joshua didn't go up to rahab and say to her: "Hey lets date!" He probably saw this beautiful women who needed love like anyone else, and that its hard to make a living in this life. And Rahab knew that she could not live the life she was leading anymore. After awhile it gets old and you start to wonder if this all adds up to how much she is worth.

So theirs a connection between them already. The reason I say this is so counter culture is because it is very, very difficult to find love and acceptance. The kind of total, pure acceptance that leaves us in awe, and leaves us wondering why we haven't be thrown to the side of the road. Our society is very rush, when one is honest about his or her past with some one they care for or love. The opposite person is left in a state of disbelief. We say things like: "Wow.." "Not you, this just can't be true can it?" Or "I don't think we can have a future anymore, because you've got to much baggage, and my future is just to important to me."

This is true and we cannot deny... These response are so very painful. Nothing in me senses that Joshua did this with Rahab. He didn't throw a "purity rocks" T-shirt at her or say something like "True love waits." Now I have no problem with these stances, the keep us free from having a life of having to take medicine and learning to cope with any horrible sickness.

I don't see Christ doing that, so what gives us the right? Sure, I'm in no way shape or form saying go out in live a reckless care free life. Don't take what I'm saying out of the proper context, all I am saying is that God just sees the son or daughter. And he speaks well of the good that is already in them. Which is what people mean when they say: "God bless you" It is meant to say that I think well of you and so does God. Again, let me state that God does convict and points our sins, but he in no way gives a saying that thousands of other people crowd around.

Rather, I believe he gets down on his knees, wraps his hands around the head of his son or daughter. And quietly and lovingly rebukes the nature they're living. Why can't we do this for one another? Regardless of wether it'd be a sexual past or whatever the case may be? The Bible clearly states that we are to become more and more like every single day, hence this is his will for all humanity. But we are unaware of our short comings. Now, to the person who has these high standards of morality. I say well done to you. But are your standards so high that you are far from the loving the Un-Pure?

We scare people to the point where if they do sin, their done for. And God is just standing there ready to crack that whip. Not true. Mistakes are bound to happen they will. There're so many people who live in shame in this hour, because of something they've done. Let me tell you that there is a huge difference between conviction and shame. And lets be very honest with ourselves for a minute.

What exactly do we want? We want a love like Rahab has received. And it may be from another human being, or it very well be God himself or maybe even both. Whatever the case this love is life changing, this kind of love leaves us dumbfounded. If only we all could share our love like this, the chains would be broken. We'd throw down the heavy burdens of life and seek rest. We'd have a love like rahab.

-Brandon the writer.

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