01 April 2006

A New Start

2006 was the start of exciting new beginnings for me, now where do I start how about at the beginning. It was April when my life started to change for the better the 1st to be precise, in fact I thought it was an April fool but no it was really happening. On the first I was transferred within work to a completely new department and new responsibilities and I relished the challenge let me tell you. I was situated in my local Town Centre in a ground floor office and it was my like my dreams had come true, to be back in a ground floor office no lifts to worry about and the best bit was I was free to go out in my chair. We had some alterations carried out but apart from that it was fine.

I was a bit nervous as you can imagine at first but that soon went and I soon got into the swing of the new responsibilities I had and the new team that I was now part of. I really couldn't believe how things had changed for me and I felt great and I couldn't wait to see what challenges I had each day after a couple of weeks I went back to see my physio and even they could see a difference in me I said I think its because I am able to get out and about under my own steam of my powerchair rather than asking for help all the time.As I was feeling so good and the weather was good I decided to set myself a challenge to see if I could improve my walking outside, so I came home from work and while it was so nice outside I set off and walked a short distance and then thought oh I had better plan this because I have got to be able to walk back home. The first night I managed to walk 6 houses passed mine and slowly turned around and walked back. When I got back I was shattered and sat in my armchair for the rest of the night. I thought to myself I bet I won't be able to move tomorrow because my muscles will have tightened up but I was fine! And thought yes I did it and I felt really good.

The next night I decided to see if I could get passed the six houses from the night before so off I went passed my neighbours and on a bit further, then a bit further and before I knew it I had got to the end of the road and managed to turn the corner. Not only was it a turn in the road, but it was a turn in my life because I suddenly realised that I was back to walking like I was before I had had any problems with my knee. Also I thought ah I no longer have the back pain either which was a second bonus for me because once over I was walking virtually without realising the distance but it was painful to say the least, but now ok it wasn't the same distance at the moment but I wasn't in any pain which was great and just made me feel like I wanted to go further and further.So I set myself a challenge that each night while the weather was so good that I would walk to the point I had stopped and see how long it took me and then have a brief rest and see how far I could get. This went on everything day and each day I got further and further and it feel so good it was unreal and I could feel myself getting stronger and stronger.

One thing that I had started to feel was that I was finding easier to get in and out of my riser recliner chair and my electrically adjustable bed, I know you might be thinking well the chair rises up anyway, but I wasn't needing it to rise all the way to a standing position, only half way was enough support. Not only that but even getting in and out of my wheelchair, and getting in and out of the car that takes me to work was starting to become easier.

Before I knew it I had walked further than I ever anticipated so at the weekend I decided that I would go onto my computer and load up my auto route add my starting point and end point to see how far I had actually walked. During my walks I would stop and talk to people and I didn't realise how many people were out walking their dogs and each day we would chat and they would say to me wow you doing so well and I remember one of my neighbours saying you will be entering the next half marathon at this rate Saturday morning came the sun was out although a bit cold but not too cold for me to go for a walk so off I went but this time instead of walking down over towards our shops and decided to go the other way as I wanted the challenge of the slight incline at first I set off quick quickly but then I needed to slow so that I didn't tire myself because I had to walk back. I paced myself for the rest of the weekend the same as I had done the week before and by Sunday night I had reached the first road crossing. After having a rest for few minutes I turned round and started to make my way back, going home was easy because it was downhill all the way first time in my life it felt like I was running a mini marathon

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