24 July 2010

Concering Scripture and Skin Hunger.

Hello all my friends in Blog world. I hope you all are well and drinking lots of water. Wow that was a great opening line huh? The folks at Gatorade would be highly, highly impressed. I really have no idea why I just wrote that, but hey, it sounded funny in my head.
Life has been pretty well, still cooking and learned how to do laundry as well. Next on the list is to tackle driving, and handle some more stuff concerning going back to College. So yeah, things are movin and grooven.
Patients though, well that’s another thing all in it’s self. Humans want things right now, and not any other time. Myself included. Anyway in terms of my writing I’m making a good amount of progress, the pages are adding up and things seem to be taking shape. However slow, however nerve wracking.
Even though the topic of touch and skin hunger are spilling over in my life, a certain timid-ness makes it’s self known in my heart and guts. To me these are important issues, yet I’m so sure (in numbers) how important it is to other people.
Currently I’m sharing about a girl who is Autistic, was abandoned by her parents and left to be raised by dogs for six years, that’s not the whole story there’re so very powerful redeeming qualities to it. Developmentally this young lady is only six years old, in a twenty-three year olds body. Her story captures me, and I see and sence God’s love for her. And that he has given her nothing but love, grace and compassion.
These are my convictions, the other day I was praying for certain scriptures that I could use in these writings. The first one that came to mind was Luke 18:15-17; which reads like this:
“Some people were even bringing infants to him so he might touch them, (key word-touch) but when the disciples saw it they rebuked them. (The babies and children’s parents Jesus, however, invited them: Let the little children come to me, and don’t stop them, because the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I assure you: Whoever does not welcome the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”
Perhaps I’m in danger of taking this out of it’s proper context, but this young lady, developmentally is still a child. A beautiful one at that, and I believe that this verse calls out to people such as her. I simply do not see why God would extend his hand to her.
What do you think? Am I in danger of taking the verse out of it’s context?
Can you help me think of other passages in scripture that deal with touch or skin hunger?
Thoughts and comments are welcome.

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